New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (HEADQUARTERS)
Since 1893, New Orleans has been our hometown and the hub of Robinson’s activities. We designed and built our modern, wood-enhanced offices to afford the best working environment for our active sales team, administrative, accounting, and communications department. The latest innovations in computer technology and inventory control allow the senior partners to monitor activities in our fourteen locations as well as inventories and customers in over 40 countries.

New Albany, Indiana, USA
New Albany, centered in the region of the best White Oak in North America, our state-of-the-art concentration yard efficiently processes the finest green lumber into KD lumber and strips for export and domestic shipments. Our skilled and experienced team coordinates computer controlled modern kilns (250 mbf/600 M3 capacity), perfect stacking, planing, and ripping to produce a consistently better quality product, uniform in color and texture.

Antwerp, Belgium
Our European office in Belgium handles requests for lumber and flooring in the European Union. Providing the large number of customers there with the best service and product has been our goal. Shipment schedules are coordinated to meet or surpass client’s expectations.

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